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ABOTTS helps you drive higher business efficiencies by optimizing your enterprise application and mapping out clear cloud strategies and architecture roadmaps.


It’s not about matching resumes to job descriptions. It’s understanding your corporate culture and digging into what makes an ideal fit for your organization.


Infrastructure Services Cloud Services Application Admin and DBA Services


Healthcare services offered




Our knowledge isn't just general knowledge about Product Solution. It's industry-specific. Based on years of experience, we've developed learning and practices that can help companies in specific industries improve the agility and performance of their integrated applications.

Business consulting and systems integration

This offers six areas of specialty assistance to clients in customer relationship management financial management, human capital management, strategy and change, business analytics and supply chain management services.

Application management services

Offer's expertise in application development, management, maintenance and support services for software and applications.

Talent Acquisition

We rely on our Staffing Quality Process® to find the best talent, help you reach your goals and keep everyone satisfied.



ABOTTS Consulting Inc is headquartered in Irvine, CA with offshore Sites in South east Asia. Our mission at ABOTTS to offer unique enterprise solutions to transform your setbacks into success with product integrity.Our company vision has led us to an incredible growth and success in a relatively short period of time, and continues to guide us today.

Our company has a rapid growth, earning our reputation as a client-focused, efficient provider across a broad range of industries. Today, we serve top Fortune 500 and successful privately held companies all over the country, still operating under the simple idea that the keystone of successful business is cooperation and working as a team.



- Engineering

- Finance and Accounting

- Healthcare

- Information Technologies

- Human Resource

- Manufacturing and Logistics

- Sales and Marketing







If you want to take advantage of all the latest capabilities that technology can offer. ABOTTS helps you drive higher business efficiencies by optimizing your enterprise application and mapping out clear cloud strategies and architecture roadmaps. Everything from legacy data migration to cloud implementations, ABOTTS work with you to seamlessly integrate your platforms and applications, all while harnessing the power of your workforce.



Whether you need nurse staffing for travel nurses, per diem staff, permanent nurses or interim nurse leaders, ABOTTS can connect you to the largest and most diverse pool of nurse staffing candidates in the country.







Connecting systems has been the largest unsolved problem in it companies spend 400 billion dollars a year trying to connect them the problem is only getting worse as the number of applications data and devices increases the old way of connecting applications by wiring point-to-point code is not sustainable it's expensive in the changes are too numerous and frequent mule soft provides a software platform that connects nearly every technology in a standardized way way we do this by first unlocking the data using modern apis we provide connectivity between those systems and external applications and devices and we enable you to manage and secure the flow of data between all systems in your Enterprise helping you create your own application Network so that it can shift from being project deliverer to technology enabler allowing teams to discover and self-serve existing apis to reuse and move faster developers across the organization can also leverage existing apis to create new processes and experiences we sit at the intersection of all the biggest technology forces in the world today and we enable them to connect and work together mule soft Sandy Point platform delivers application networks for over a thousand Enterprises so they can innovate faster.
We have experienced professionals who can integrate between common applications such as Salesforce.com, PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle Cloud Apps, Taleo, ServiceNow, etc. We have mastered in MuleSoft Anypoint Runtime Manager (ARM), Mule Management Console (MMC),MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform API Management tools and Munit.
We might need to automate moving data from one system to the other hence needing a middleware so if you're in a situation where you have people that are dedicated on extracting data from one system and re-entering it in another one to a point where they're overflowed with work and that your operations are affected this calls for an intervention a lot of time these situations occur when the company's growing large number of orders that are overflowing from their web store now they need to put them in their accounting system to invoice and produce the goods I used to call this and I still call it swivel chair integration when you got an individual in the middle swiveling from one system moving to the next transferring data and this is a recipe for disaster. Dell boomi being a cloud-based application really allows our customers that are in that situation to automate the whole process transform the data in the middle to input it in the other in a way that can scale well with their operations some of our customers started with you know not even you know a person full time doing this operations they decided to put Dell boomi into their operations the investment was well worth it from the beginning to make sure that the operations flow properly thank you for listening today and don't forget to click on the buttons below to subscribe for more videos like these thank you very much until next time

The Right Nurse Staffing Solution for You

Healthcare facilities need a reliable nurse staffing partner for their contingent labor needs. ABOTTS offers the widest range of nurse staffing solutions available.

Proactive Client Solutions in Today's Competitive Market

At ABOTTS, we are committed to working with organizations to apply innovative solutions to help them achieve their care goals.

It’s not about matching resumes to job descriptions. It’s understanding your corporate culture and digging into what makes an ideal fit for your organization. Leveraging deep market insight and consistent communication—and with more than 200 direct placements made annually—we’ll help you make lasting connections that build your business future. That’s our commitment.

How do we do that?

Market Analytics

A real-time talent detector would be amazing. We’re not quite there, but working on it. In the meantime, we rely on the next best thing: hyper-local market insights. We keep tabs on who has the skills you’re looking for, when they’re available and how you can reel them in.

Customer Knowledge

Successful leaders need wise advisors, and we take that role seriously. We put in the time to learn your business’s energy, values, challenges, goals—all of it. Then we seek out candidates with razor-sharp skills and expertise to match, plus the stuff that will make them one with your team.

Sourcing Strategy

People trust people, not bots. So it’s not surprising that job seekers value real-life referrals over robo-recruiters. Our massive network covers 81 percent of the domestic IT workforce, and connects us personally to the most sought-after and hard-to-find talent around the world.

As a trusted Oracle Implementation Partner, ABOTTS have unsurpassed knowledge and understanding across all Oracle products. ABOTTS help you navigate the entire spectrum to maximize the value of your Oracle investments, supporting on-premise, cloud and database enterprise applications; data engineering, data visualization and big data analytics; and fusion middleware. ABOTTS has over 100 pre-built solutions leveraging Oracle applications to help our clients jump-start their projects, reduce risks, and improve time to value for the core industries that we serve.

SAP places quality, built-in, at the center of projects that we deliver for our customers. Quality oversight and early visibility of potential problems have a profound impact on reducing project risk and drive customer value. SAP provides industry-specific solutions for almost all niches – manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, insurance, security, finance, etc. This, along with the ability to purchase only those modules which are a “fit” are clearly two of the biggest advantages of SAP for businesses of all types and sizes.

“SAP Activate formalizes the agile, lean, and DevOps approach ABOTTS embraces to help clients achieve market leadership in the face of unrelenting change. That’s why we fully commit to the SAP Activate Framework — because we measure our value to clients by how fast, how often, and how well we help them innovate.”

Overwhelmed while deploying and maintaining a myriad of databases? We’ll help you take your database platforms to new heights through performance assessments, archival and security strategies, and capacity planning. Better performance and resolve database issues mean greater flexibility, efficiency and speed. Did we mention increased profitability?

Your ability to innovate depends on an active partnership to help you migrate, manage and modernize—so you can focus on the important things. When you don't have the expertise or time in-house to manage a business-critical project, we’ll help you with enhancements and application support strategies to maximize your application use and drive bottom-line value. With our continuous improvement practices, you’ll increase performance speeds while reducing risks and costs, and saving precious time.

We follow the best practices for maintenance and management of application portfolio to ensure the highest level of system performance and uptime. It can minimize the need for the client to build and manage teams to support noncritical applications

ABOTTS provides 24/7/365 follow-the-sun support; always on, always available - Functional / Technical Support – Application monitoring; hybrid / PaaS / IaaS / on-prem support; enhancements, continuous innovation - Application User Management – Enhance user experience and adoption - Infrastructure Services – Global coverage, SLA-based service support.

We at ABOTTS hold expertise in delivering end-to-end App development services. We have a team of expertise with proven Application Development skill set across various platforms and ensure the application’s infrastructure fits your existing business needs.


ABOTTS have been able to serve with valuable Web Application evelopment services because of the high qualified and skilled IT professionals in the team. Our experts design the exclusive business-enhancing features with cross-platform compatibility and accelerate the overall business productivity.


ABOTTS has wide experience in Mobile Application Development. We at ABOTTS, leverage the offshore cost and resources advantage in order to reduce the development cost and time. The applications are developed with the mobile responsive design in mind and ensure high proficiency.

Screening and Selection

Slick skills and spot-on experience don’t always mean great fit. And we don’t wait until you’ve hired someone to find out if they’re right for your team. We put in face time and check up on references to keep our talent pool pristine.

Relationship Management

With all that goes into zeroing in on the right person, it makes sense that you’d want to keep them around, keep them happy. So do we. From regular check-ins to well-oiled project transitions, we invest in onboarding and take steps to keep your talent and teams intact.

Need Help!

Recruitment made simple at ABOTTS. The Right hand to be shaken with a warm welcome to "your Team". Between better hires, lower costs and talent strategies designed just for you, there’s a lot that your business can gain by partnering with us. If you want to learn more about all the ways we can help, click here to get in touch.

All Nursing Professionals to Meet Your Facilities Needs

Permanent placement recruiting services that can help you find the right nursing professional to meet your facility’s needs

ABOTTS helps your healthcare facility meet its most challenging permanent nurse recruitment goals while reducing unnecessary hiring and vacancy costs

We offer customizable solutions to fit your permanent nursing needs, acting as a strategic partner when needed for your team

Your workforce and patient volume data may tell you that perhaps it isn’t more nurses you need, but more optional scheduling and planning. ABOTTS has the unique capability to provide strategic guidance and analytics on the levels of resources needed by bringing together HR, Finance, and Nursing data into one workforce dashboard.

Workforce Analysis/Operational Assessment

Staffing Plan Assessment

Activating Clinical Leaders

Nurse - Case Manager
Nurse - LPN / LVN
Nurse - Occupational Health
Nurse - RN, Registered Nurse
Nurse Anesthetist / Educator
Physician Assistant
Psychiartic Nurse
CAT Scan Technician
Mammography Technician
MRI Technician
Nuclear Machine Technician
Registered Vascular Technician
Ultrasound Technician
Drug Safety Analyst
Fermentation Scientist
Histology Technician
Production Scientist
Scientist - Ph.D.
Medical Allied
Behavioral Health Specialist
Certified Occupational
Therapist Assistant
Dental Assistant
Dental Higienist
EKG Technician
Medical Assistant
Occupational Therapist
Opthalmic Technician
Orthopedic Technician
Physical Therapist
Physical Therapist Assistant
Social Worker
Speech Therapist
Medical device Demonstration Specialist
Medical Sales Representative
Pharmacy Technician
Clinical Data Manager
Clinical Research Associate
Clinical Trails Specialist
Pharmacovigilance Analyst
QA / Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Regulatory Affairs Manager
R&D Associate
Technical Support Analyst
Science & Laboratory
Clinical Laboratory Scientist
Lab Support Assistant
Entry-Level Technician
Medical Laboratory Technician
Medical Technologist
Project Manager
Quality Assurance Manager
Quality Control Associate
Research - Biologist
Research - Chemist
Technical Writer
Validation / Process Engineer


Sun Solaris Deployment and Support VMware Deployment and Support Oracle EXADATA Deployment and Support Oracle OVM Deployment and Support Linux Systems (Redhat, Susi, OEL, CentOS) Deployment and Support AIX Deployment and Support


Managing full AWS Lifecycle, Provisioning, Automation and Security

Performing software upgrades. Kernel patching, errata patches.

Setup CloudWatch

Manage VPC, CS2 Access point, Bastion hosts

Manage Backup Recovery and DR Solutions

Access Control and Encryption

Setup automation infrastructure

Deploy and Support Oracle Products on AWS

Data Warehouse using Amazon Redshift and AWS services

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Amazon CloudFront

AWS CloudFormation

Amazon S3 Glacier and S3 Glacier Deep Archive

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

Amazon Route 53

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)

Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon Aurora


Azure Machine Learning service

Azure Databricks

Azure Blob storage

Azure Data Lake Storage

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Application Admin and DBA Services

Oracle Database install and Support (RAC and Non-RAC)

MySQL DB Install and Support

Influx DB Install and Support

MongoDB install and Support

Cassandra Install and Support

MSSqlServer Install and Support

All DB's

Backup, Recovery and DR services

Upgrade Services

Security Patching

Performance Tuning

Purge and Archive solutions

Business Intelligences




Power BI





NetApp Storage provisioning and management ZFS Storage provisioning and management Fijitsu Eternus Storage provisioning and management EMC Storage provisioning and management Pure Storage provisioning and management


Oracle Cloud Compute Instances

Virtual Cloud Networking (VCN)

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Terraform

Oracle Process Cloud Service

Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS)

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's Autonomous Database

Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service (OGGCS)

Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service

Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud (DIPC)


Sun Solaris Deployment and Support

VMware Deployment and Support

Oracle EXADATA Deployment and Support

Oracle OVM Deployment and Support

Linux Systems (Redhat, Susi, OEL, CentOS) Deployment and Support

AIX Deployment and Support

GCP Compute Engine (IaaS)

GCP Storage Services

GCP Database Services

GCP Networking Services

Big Data Services

Machine Learning services

Computing and Hosting Services (FaaS & PaaS)

APPS DBA Services

Oracle EBS R12 Install and Support

OBIEE Install and Support

Agile PLM Install and Support

Informatica Install and Support

MarkView Install and Support

Hyperion Install and Support

All DB's

Backup, Recovery and DR services

Upgrade Services Security Patching

Performance Tuning






Elastic Search